Police Records Needed for U.S. Immigration

When applying for your U.S. visa, you must submit a police certificate at your visa interview if you or any other family member who is applying for a visa is over the age of sixteen years. Former and present residents of the U.S. do not need to take this step.

According to the experts at USAFIS, “Your certificate from the police should cover the entire time period that the applicant lived in that particular area, and the certificate must be issued by the proper authorities at the police department.” In addition, the certificate must include all arrests, reasons for any arrests, and the disposition of every case where there is a record.

Prison and Court Records

If an applicant has been convicted of a crime, he or she must get certified copies of all court and prison records and present those documents at the visa interview. Records that should be presented include all information about the crime/s that the applicant was convicted of and the disposition, sentencing, penalties, and fines related to the case/s.

USAFIS recommends that you present all information about any convictions, crimes, or arrests to have the greatest opportunity for getting your U.S. visa.


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