The Benefits that Green Card Holders Enjoy

Millions of people apply for the Green Card Lottery each year for an opportunity to immigrate to the United States. The US Congress has authorized up to 50,000 Green Cards to be issued annually through the Green Card Lottery Program to “selectees” who are randomly chosen from millions of applicants and who then complete the US immigration procedure successfully.

“Green Card” is the common term often used for a United States Permanent Resident Card, which is green in color and is an official form of identification issued to foreign nationals who have been approved for US permanent residency.

There are many benefits that Green Card holders enjoy, such as authorization to live in the USA for an unlimited amount of time. Since 2001, the USAFIS Organization has helped hundreds of thousands of clients to correctly prepare and submit their applications and photos to the Green Card Lottery.

During the past 15 years, over 44,000 USAFIS clients have been selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery and many USAFIS clients now live in the USA.

Other benefits that Green Card holders enjoy include free public primary and secondary education for children and access to post-secondary educational opportunities for adults.

Permanent Residents of the United States are also permitted to work in the USA and to start a business in America. Another benefit that US permanent residents have is being able to own property in the United States.

One of the first things someone should do after they immigrate to the United States is to get a Social Security Number (another right of US permanent residency), since this will be needed to open a bank account to work in the USA, apply for credit, receive Social Security benefits, etc.

As a US permanent resident, you can live in any of the 50 US states and can leave and return to the USA according to certain regulations.

You can also apply for a driver’s license in the state where you live. A very special benefit of US permanent residency is being able to sponsor an eligible family member for US immigration.

Although it is optional, after you live in the USA as a permanent resident at least five years and meet the other criteria, you can apply to become a citizen of the United States.

If you would like to apply for US immigration through the Green Card Lottery, contact USAFIS today!

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