US Employment at Highest Level in 17 Years!

The United States economy has seen a tremendous rebound after the two hurricanes in September of 2017. There were 261,000 new jobs added, making it a first-rate achievement of the Trump Administration. Coming in at 4.1%, it is the lowest unemployment rate since December 2000. With the lengthiest increase on record, the U.S. has added positions for 85 months in a row. The first estimations by the government were showing a loss of 33,000 jobs in September due to the hurricanes, but in fact, there was actually an increase of 18,000 jobs. Contact USAFIS if you are looking for better employment. They will help you enter the Green Card Lottery and be able to relocate to the United States.

The increase in jobs was across many sectors. There were 89,000 positions added from restaurants that reopened after the hurricanes, business services jobs increased by 50,000, and healthcare firms hired 22,000 employees for open positions. Manufacturing has continued to see growth since President Donald Trump took office.


It has seen a boost of 156,000 jobs in the last year and 24,000 employees were added in October 2017 alone. American goods have been more affordable for other countries because of the strengthening of the global economy and a weak U.S. dollar. The manufacturing companies depend highly on selling and shipping abroad. USAFIS will help you submit an application to participate in the Green Card Lottery. This is the fastest way to relocate to the United States and find a job.

Many companies in the United States are being influenced to keep their business local due to improved technology. The differences in cost are making it more sensible for businesses to produce their goods in America. With so many opportunities for jobs in the U.S., now is a great time to contact USAFIS and take part in the Green Card Lottery.

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