Won the Green Card Lottery: “Recommends USAFIS – It Is Not a Scam”

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USAFIS helps people all over the world with their applications for the American Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery Program. Their clients’ applications are guaranteed to meet the standards of the U.S. Government.

The organization has a guarantee of 100% participation in the Lottery. This service is invaluable, with thousands of applications rejected each year because of avoidable mistakes. USAFIS representatives continue to apply to the Lottery, on behalf of their clients, for up to ten years.

This Skype call demonstrates how a Green Card can turn someone’s life around. This lucky woman applied with USAFIS five years ago. She explains that USAFIS made it possible for her to get her Green Card around her busy schedule. She says she will recommend USAFIS to any one she meets and already has recommended the organization to a few of her friends. USAFIS applied year after year until she finally won and she couldn’t be happier.

Watch the video to see what USAFIS can do for you:

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