How an Application Review Provider Can Help

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Through the U.S. State Department website, you can apply to the Green Card Lottery. However, there are some situations in which you will find it helpful to use a service such as USAFIS, where your application will be reviewed prior to submission.

Here are some reasons to use such a service:

  • You want to save time.
  • You struggle with deadlines.
  • Your native language is not English.
  • You don’t like dealing with government documents.

help-1019912_640It’s even possible that none of these situations fit your circumstances and yet, you still want assistance with your application. USAFIS can help. People pay us to help them with their applications for many reasons, but most importantly, it’s so your application can be done correctly and submitted in time.

Much like pumping gas or planning a wedding – you can do the work, but it’s easier to let an expert handle it.

USAFIS has over 15 years of experience in helping our customers fill out and submit their applications. USAFIS, an application review provider for the Green Card Lottery, has become a household name used by millions of immigrants all over the world.

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