How Can I Know if I Was Selected as a Green Card Lottery Winner?

Approximately 10 million people from around the world register for the American Green Card Lottery each year, hoping to be selected for the chance to immigrate to the United States. Since 2001, the experts at the USAFIS Organization have been helping thousands of its customers annually to properly prepare and correctly submit their applications and photos to the Green Card Lottery and several thousand of its clients have been selected to continue the US immigration procedure. USAFIS customers enjoy many advantages not available to people who try to apply for the Green Card Lottery on their own, including prompt notification if they are selected as Green Card Lottery winners.


Not only does USAFIS guarantee that its clients will participate in the Green Card Lottery, by making sure that their applications and photos meet the strict governmental standards, but it also notifies customers when they are selected as winners so they can continue the US immigration process as soon as possible.

This is in contrast to people who apply for the Green Card Lottery on their own, since the US State Department does not contact participants to let them know if they won.

When USAFIS submits a client’s application to the Green Card Lottery during the registration period (usually held in October), the US State Department provides USAFIS with a Confirmation Number which allows it to check whether or not a client was selected as a winner. As soon as the Green Card Lottery results are made available (normally starting in May), USAFIS contacts its clients through various methods to let them know if they were selected.

Why is it an advantage for USAFIS clients to be promptly notified after being selected as Green Card Lottery winners? Immigration to the United States through the Green Card Lottery is a competitive process that must be done correctly at each stage of the procedure. Although several million people participate in the Green Card Lottery every year, only about 80,000-100,000 are selected to have the opportunity to apply for the 50,000 Diversity Visas authorized to be issued yearly for immigration to the United States.

Thus, it is crucial to start the Consular Interview procedure as soon as possible, while there are still Diversity Visas available, and to complete each stage of the US immigration procedure successfully, in order to have the best chance to move to America.

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