Our Personal Help for the American Green Card Application Procedure

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Here at USAFIS, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to fill out your U.S. Green Card Lottery application. Unlike other immigration services, we provide you with personalized help so you can know that your application is submitted correctly. Unfortunately, throughout the last decade, we have seen people make mistakes that result in their applications being denied. We want to make this process as easy as possible and see our customers submit U.S. Green Card Lottery applications that are correct in every way.

Visa Application Options

That’s why we have given our clients the options to either fill the form out on their own, or walk through the application process on the phone with one of our immigration experts. If you choose to take advantage of help provided by our USAFIS immigration agents, we can answer your questions about eligibility, special circumstances, and other questions you may have.

Legal Team Review

Once your application is completed, the legal team here at USAFIS will review your American Green Card Lottery application to verify that everything is correct and is up to the United States government standards. As one of our customers, you can revise or update your application until the due date for the Green Card Lottery application.

That means that if something changes such as your marital status or if you have a child, you can easily make the changes on your application before submission.


USAFIS Checks Your Photos

One way that we offer this personalized service to our customers is to carefully check their photos. Here at USAFIS, we have photo experts who check all submitted pictures to make sure that they will be approved by the United States government.

We highly recommend that you submit your images as soon as possible so our experts can review them and make sure they meet the U.S. standards for the Lottery. Once we know that your application and images are correct for submission, we will send your application to the U.S. office for review during the registration period.

At USAFIS, we have made the Green Card Lottery application process easy. We will work with you to answer your questions and verify that your application is correct. It is very important for us to see our customers happy and on their way to the United States of America!

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