Here are the Green Card Eligibility Requirements

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The simplest approach to legally live and work in the USA is through the Green Card Lottery Program. USAFIS is an immigration service that helps thousands of people each year with their U.S. application process.

The Green Card Lottery Program requires no family or employer sponsorship. Green Card Lottery qualification is based upon:

  • Being a native of a qualifying nation; and
  • Having a secondary school education or an equivalent OR
  • Having two years of training or experience in a qualifying trade or profession within the previous five years. The job must need no less than two years of preparation or experience to qualify.

checklist-1402461_640A candidate should never submit more than one application to the Green Card Lottery every year. Be that as it may, if one’s spouse meets the prerequisites, then he or she can apply to the program also.

Each year, a married couple can have two separate registrations (if both spouses meet the eligibility criteria) and thus double the odds of winning the visa lottery.

An unmarried child less than 21 years of age who meets the education or work experience requirements can likewise apply to the Green Card Lottery and still be shown as a dependent on each eligible parent’s application.

The Exception

One of the basic rules is that you must be a national from a qualified country to be eligible for the Green Card Lottery. However, an exception to this rule is that if your parents were not residents of your birth country, and at least one of your parents was born in an eligible country, you can still apply to the program.

help-1276257_640This can happen if your parents lived in an ineligible country due to employment and you were born there.

Under these circumstances, you can still apply for the Green Card Lottery (if you also meet the education or work experience criteria).

USAFIS can help you understand the finer details of these exceptions. Watch USAFIS’ Client’s Testimonial:

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