Our Secured Payment Process & Information

USAFIS works with foreign nationals to help them move to the United States. Our services are reasonably priced, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and expert help that we provide to our paying clients. In addition, we have taken many precautions to make certain that our online payment and information processes are safe and secure.

Here are some answers to questions about our online payment and information process.

How does USAFIS secure my online payments?

We have received payments and personal information from millions of people. We protect our information by using the most up to date security measures available. Personal information is encrypted in our secure system, so access to your personal information is impossible.

When we finish processing your payment for submission of your Green Card Lottery application, our system automatically deletes your payment information, making it unavailable to anyone else.

What is the fee for submitting an entry for the Green Card Lottery?

There is not a fee charged by USAFIS for submission to the Green Card Lottery. Our only fee is for reviewing your application.


What types of payment does USAFIS accept?

We accept payment through credit card, GiroPay, PayPal, WebMoney, International Bank Transfer, Monenta.au, CashU, and Safart. We authenticate your purchase through the use of 128-bit SSL encryption with additional anti-fraud technology.

Could my payment be declined?

Yes, there are several reasons why your payment could be denied. The most common reasons are 1) Local card was used for payment, 2) Insufficient funds, or 3) The credit card company denied the transfer of funds.

Will I receive a payment confirmation after making payment?

Yes, you will receive an email with a link to your invoice showing payment.

What if I want a refund for my money to USAFIS?

Our terms of use are clear in stating that transactions are final. We have had situations that warrant a refund, but that decision is up to our discretion.

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